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Video Training and Product Information


Zio Wall Modules

Zio wall modules reduce installation time and give contractors the flexibility to cover more applications including combined CO2 detection, humidity and temperature sensing.


JADE® Economizer From Honeywell

The JADE® Economizer from Honeywell is one of the simplest and cost effective ways to maximize energy savings in a small commercial building.

Air Economizers 101 by JADE® from Honeywell

An air economizer is an arrangement of dampers, associated linkages, actuators, and controls that allows you use outdoor air to help cool your building. Today’s economizers are more reliable, easier to install, maintain, program and operate than ever before.

Air Economizer Fundamentals

Watch and learn as a Honeywell economizer product expert takes you through the basics; understanding roof top units, economizer parts and operation, sensors, the difference between dry bulb and enthalpy logic and more.

HVAC Control Valves

Globe Valve Training

Learn all about globe valves in this training video covering the basics including the V5011, V5013, VGF and V58 valves. Includes an overview of the actuators and linkages used with globe valves. Also covers how to order and install Honeywell globe valves

Ball Valve Basics

Learn all about ball valves from a Honeywell expert. This video covers the basics including the threaded VBN and flanged VBF valves. Includes the MVN actuator and accessories as well as how to order and install VBN valves.

Selecting and Ordering Honeywell VBN Valves

Learn the three ways to select control valves and order them. Learn how to use the Fast Track ordering system, as well as the Application Guide with a useful spreadsheet.

Pressure Independent Control Valve Training

Honeywell has a broad Control Valve portfolio, this training covers the VRN and VRW pressure Independent Control Valves. This training also includes; common applications, Pressure Independent Control Valve fundamentals, key advantages of Honeywell's VRN and VRW valves, savings potential, part numbers explanation & ordering process, and available valve resources.


Actuators from Honeywell

Honeywell MVN Actuator

The Honeywell MVN valve actuator provides faster and easier installation and less commisioning time than other ball valve actuators. One handed click-on installation, no tools necessary

Honeywell Direct Coupled Actuators

Honeywell Direct Coupled Actuators are used to control valves and actuators in HVAC systems

Fire & Smoke Damper Actuators

These universal replacement fire and smoke damper actuators are designed for UL555 and UL555S compliance and long life.

Smart Buildings

Day in the Life of a Smart Building

Total building automation saves energy and costs while saving the planet. A Day in the Life of a Smart Building.

Smart Solutions for Intelligent Buildings (WEBs-AX by Honeywell)

WEBs-AX is a non-proprietary building automation system (BAS) that allows you to connect all of your building's HVAC, lighting and security networks - maximizing energy efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and giving you centralized control.

Niagara4 is Open for Business

Seeing is believing. The Niagara Framework® opened the eyes of the world and now, it's back with advances in performance, optimization, integration, and much more.

Sylk | Powering Communication

Sylk carries power and communications between Sylk-enabled JADE or Spyder controllers and sensors to free up I/O on the controller for more installation and programming flexibility.


Lighting Controls

Honeywell Lighting Controls

The Honeywell Lighting Controls Solution offer truly significant energy savings as a standalone solution or as part of an overall integrated energy management plan using heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and building automation products.


Pneumatic Products

Pneumatic Fundamentals

​Learn the basics of pneumatics from a Honeywell expert. This video covers fundamentals like essential terminology and the importance of air supply. It gives you a great foundation of knowledge so you have the confidence to calibrate and troubleshoot pneumatic controllers.