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Submeters Software

Multi-Mon and PowerSmart Power Software
The PowerSmart automatic meter reading system allows users to accurately monitor interval energy data for a variety of applications, including tenant billing/allocation, departmental allocation, demand/energy analysis and more.
PowerSmart energy systems monitor electric submeters either on-site or off-site, via a variety of industry-standard communication methods, and then transmit data back to a central computer for generating profiles, graphs and tenant statement of energy usage.

Download the Power Software Configuration Tool (zipped folder)
Honeywell Submeter Palette
WEBs-AX Tenant Billing: Tenant Billing Service is a NiagaraAX Framework® based application which enables users to monitor tenant utility usage and create personalized invoices based on that usage. By utilizing this service, facility management can create fully customizable tenant invoices for multiple utility types.
Download Honeywell Submeter Palette (zipped folder) that enables automatic mapping of all Honeywell Submeter data points. It can be used in conjunction with the Niagara Workbench.
Additionally, download the “RUINET”software (zipped folder) to change the IP address on the meters, in case you are not using Niagara software. Download or view the instructional pdf.

Change IP Address
2. Type “I” and type “” to specify the IP Address of the module to connect, then press <ENTER>
3. Type “I” again, to select “Change IP Address”
4. Type the “number (1..5)” next to the menu to make the changes; e.g. type “1” to change the IP Address; then type the new IP Address, then press <ENTER>
5. Once all the changes are made, press <ESC> to return to the Main menu.
6. Type “!” to restart the FieldServer. After about 1 minute, the FieldServer will complete the restart.