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Multiple Meter Units (MMUs)

Multiple Meter Units (MMUs) allow for compact installation of multiple meters that allows for easy and centralized reading. A single MMU cabinet can be configured to contain up to 8, 16, or 24 meters of different voltage configurations (i.e. 208V and 480V). HMMU cabinets can be used to house Class 100, Class 200, Class 320 and Green Class meters. IDRs, (Interval Data Recorders) can also be installed in the MMU cabinets with the meters.
Key Features
  • Available in configurations containing up to 8, 16, or 24 meters.
  • MMU cabinets may contain Honeywell Class 100, Class 200 (kWh or kWh/demand), Class 320, Green Class Meters and IDR’s.
  • Compact installation of multiple meters allows for easy and centralized reading.
  • IDRs (Interval Data Recorders) can be factory installed inside the MMU enclosures along with the meters allowing for easy interface to the E-Mon Energy software system. (IDRs are mounted on the back wall of the enclosure.)
  • Three-phase MMU cabinets come with prewired voltage feeds. If IDR(s) are installed inside MMU cabinets, the connections from the meters to the IDR are also prewired at the factory.
  • MMU cabinets may contain meters of different voltage configurations. (i.e. 208V & 480V meters inside a single MMU enclosure.)
  • Single-Phase 277V meters not compatible with MMU cabinets.
These cabinets can be order directly on this site. Please log in and click here for the selection of cabinets.