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Webstat Software Upgrades

Welcome to the WebStat Software Upgrades page where you can download the latest WebStat software upgrade

Before loading the latest software update or requesting a 20 thermostat license upgrade, the WebStat must be at version 01.02.00. If your WebStat hasn’t been upgraded to v01.02.00, you can still send it back to Honeywell for the update; however, you will be responsible for the return freight. Please contact your Honeywell Sales Representative or e-mail to receive the return address.

WebStat Version 01.02.21
The latest software upgrade includes all of the performance enhancements and fixes from previous updates plus any new enhancements.

Before downloading the latest software upgrade, please determine which version of Niagara is running on your WebStat. The Niagara version can be found on the bottom of the WebStat log in screen except in Version 01.02.05 software.

Note: If you do not see the Niagara version on the log in screen, the WebStat is running Niagara version 3.2.16.
V01.02.21 Upgrade for Niagara 3.2.16 devices
V01.02.21 Upgrade for Niagara 3.4.43 devices   

WebStat OpenSource Software
Note: Java Script Calendar Control Widget and NTP Time Sync Client used in WebStat are given under LGPL and Apache License respectively. In accord with the license agreements, the source code is made publicly available below.

The attached Zip file has two zip files, one for Java Script Calendar Control Widget and the other for NTP Time Sync client. Both the embedded zip files have source code for their respective software. The individual Zip files are password protected. The password is webstat.

WebStat Software Upgrade Information

V01.02.21 update has the following change:

  • The addition of LGPL licensing information.

V01.02.20 provides the following enhancements:

  • The ability to enter an Internet or Intranet Time Server address
  • Improved control over the Setpoint Range Stops providing more precise control. For users who have worked with versions prior to 01.02.15, this change restores the same Range Stop control provided in previous versions of WebStat.

V01.02.15 provides the following enhancements:

  • Heat on/cool on indication for every thermostat on Overview screen
  • Cancel option available when an override is made on the Overview screen
  • The number of stages of heat/cool on will appear on the Thermostat/General screen of each thermostat
  • Ability to export trend data to a .csv file
  • System test mode diagnostics added for contractors
  • "Copy From" button added to Special Events configuration
  • Help screens updated to reflect all new enhancements
  • Error provided when a time sync with the internet server fails
  • End User License Agreement added
  • Improved automatic syncing of T7350s with WebStat schedule and time clock

V01.02.11 provided the following enhancements:

  • Allows users redirect the HTTP port 80 to another available port

V01.02.09 provided the following enhancements:

  • Allow users to more easily schedule special events without errors occurring
  • Allow users to add multiple time-of-day events to special events
  • Display consistent information between the thermostat details and floor plans

V01.02.05 fixed the following issues:

  • WebStat throws an exception in station console if it is set as network time master
  • T7350 Recovery functionality not working properly when driven by WebStat Schedule
  • WebStat does not allow '-' character in the External URL
  • Circle-R ® symbol next to all instances of the name WebStat
  • "favourite" should be changed to "favorite" in password recovery question
  • Heat and Cool Ramp Start time calculation is incorrect
  • "Fan on with Heat" and "Extended Fan Op" options under heating configurations are not written to the controller
  • Trend "End Time" field gets disabled even when "No End Time" check box not selected and also throws invalid error message.
  • Acknowledge Alarm and Delete Alarm operation fails for any alarms if we try after viewing the Alarm from deleted devices.
  • WebStat does not allow '-' character in the External URL
  • Enddate and start date cannot be same error is thrown.

V01.02.03 provided the following enhancements:

  • Provides performance enhancements that allow your controller to more effectively execute and update the firmware memory operations.
  • Compatibility for Internet Explorer v7.0 

WebStat 20 Thermostat License Upgrade Information
WebStat units with a date code of 10xxC or greater support 20 thermostats and 10 schedules and do not need this upgrade. The date code can be found by removing the WebStat cover and looking at the unit label.

To expand the capabilities of WebStat to 20 thermostats and 10 schedules, a license upgrade is required.  The current software has to be at version 01.02.00. If you have an older version of WebStat, it must be sent to Honeywell to be upgraded. See the information at the top of this page under IMPORTANT to learn more.

To upgrade a WebStat at version 01.02.00 or later to 20 thermostats:

Step 1: Log into your WebStat* and create a backup file
              *See Quick Start Guide 63-2657 for instructions
1) Connect to the WebStat per the instructions you received with the product regarding configuring the network settings.
2) Open your browser interface and navigate to the WebStat login screen.
3) Once you have logged in, navigate to the “SYSTEM” screen and “GENERAL” tab.
4) Make a backup of your configuration by pressing the “Backup Configuration” button at the top of the screen and save the file to your local hard drive. This file will be a .dist file. DO NOT RENAME THE BACKUP FILE.

Step 2: Locate Host ID
1) Remove the WebStat cover.
2) Locate 19-digit Host ID.  The Host ID will be in the following format Qnx-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Step 3: Load the .DIST File to Our FTP Site and E-mail the Host ID to the Product Management Team
1) Upload the .dist file to the WebStat ftp site:
     User name: WebStat
     Password: brWGL1sL

2) Send an email to requesting the upgrade and include the Host ID in the subject field. Example: Subject: WebStat Upgrade – Qnx-NPM2-0000-XXXX-XXXX
3) The Commercial Thermostat Product Management team will e-mail you when the new .license.dist file can be downloaded from the WebStat ftp site.
4) Save this file to your hard drive. DO NOT RENAME THE FILE.

Step 4: Update the license file on your WebStat
1) Once again, connect to the WebStat per the instructions you received with the product regarding configuring the network settings.
2) Open your browser interface and navigate to the WebStat login screen.
3) Once you have logged in, navigate to the “SYSTEM” screen and “GENERAL” tab.
4) From the item labeled “Software Update Package” on the same screen, select the .license.dist file that you downloaded from the WebStat ftp site from your local hard drive on your PC using the “Browse” button.
5) Press the “Upload” button to install the license update as show in the screen shot below.  The WebStat Controller will automatically reboot during this process.  Wait approximately 5 minutes for the WebStat to reboot.