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Variable Frequency Drive PC Tool Software

Honeywell SmartVFD HVAC PC Tool Software
The Honeywell SmartVFD PC Tool allows users to commission, operate and troubleshoot their SmartVFD HAVC drive or SmartVFD COMPACT drive from their PC in real time. This Commissioning Tool has two tools, the drive care tool used to commission and monitor the SmartVFD and the software update tool used to update the SmartVFD software. The software works similar to the NC Drive and NC Load tools that are available for our NX family of drives.

In addition you will need one of the following

  • For the SmartVFD HVAC - The HVFDCABLE to connect any SmartVFD HVAC drive to connect your PC to the drive
  • For the SmartVFD COMPACT- The HVFDCDMCAKIT to connect any SmartVFD COMPACT drive to connect your PC to the drive (also sold separately  as the HVFDCABLE and HVFDCDMCA adaptor)

There is no charge for the SmartVFD Commissioning Tools software below.

Download the PC Tool by clicking this link: SmartVFD Commissioning Tool (the password is "Honeywell")

Changes in the version

  • Adds additional functionality associated with the new control board (drives ending in “A”).
  • Note:  Tool 1.1.15 can be used with drives with either the new or old control board.
  • Note:  You can’t use the Tool 1.1.14 on drives with the new control board.  You need Tool 1.1.15 and at least version 15 software for drives with the new control board (drives ending in “A”).

    SmartVFD HVAC Firmware Update Process using the PC Tool
    To upgrade to the latest version of the SmartVFD HVAC firmware, follow these steps:
  1. Verify the existing firmware is XML based (FW00778V or greater) in parameter V4.6.1. To find your existing firmware version, go to Main Menu > Diagnostics > Software Info > Software Package. If it is FW00778V or greater, skip to step 2. Note: If you do not have FW00078 or higher you must complete a. and b. below or you may scramble your drive and need to replace it. This will be an out of warranty replacement.
    a. Download the software: (Save the file to your hard drive, Extract two files in the folder.)
    b. Via the software loading tool, install the "Download this first to the drive.vcx". This process will take a couple of minutes, then move to step 2.
  2. Download the SmartVFD HVAC Firmware Version 15 (Save the file to your hard drive, extract the file.) Install the FW0078V015.vcx​ file. Select English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.
  3. Have the most recent version of software update tool. This is a part of the Honeywell SmartVFD HVAC PC Tool. See initial paragraph above.
  4. Open the software update tool while connected to the drive and select "online" mode.
  5. Browse to the file that is stored in your computer and click the "next" button to proceed. Once software has been updated, cycle power your VFD.

SmartVFD COMPACT Firmware

  1. Download the software by clicking this link: SmartVFD COMPACT (The password is "Honeywell")
  2. Save the software to your computer
  3. Change the file extension from .zip to .vcx

If you do not change the file extension you will not be able to upload the file to the compact drive.

To upload firmware on to a SmartVFD COMPACT the MCA device is required, part number HVFDCDMCAKIT, which includes the MCA and the connection cable. Click here to see MCA instructions.

Operating system software for (in zipped formats):
NXL Series drives - Version 259. Updated as of May 22nd, 2008
NXS Series drives - Version 172. Updated as of Feb. 19th, 2008
NXP Series drives - Version 174. Updated as of May 22nd, 2008

NCDrive: NCDrive - Version 2.0.11 - Updated May 22nd, 2008 (in zipped format) used for:
        Parameter adjustment
        Monitoring & Trending
        Drive-control & Diagnostics

NCLoad: NCLoad - version 1.0.17 - Updated May 22nd, 2008 (in zipped format) used for:
        System software upgrading
        Expander and communication board software upgrading
        Special application loading
        Factory application loading

NXL Application Software (in zipped formats): ALFIQ106V205 - Version 205. Updated February 19th, 2008

BACNet Option Card Software: OPTCJ - Version 009. Updated as of Feb. 19th, 2008

LonWorks File (in zipped format): .XIF for LonWorks. Defines the external interface to NX LON devices

Lonbus Card software (in zipped format): .VCN for Lonbus Card (in zipped format)​​​​