T7350 Configuration Software

T7350 Configuration Software

TStatSpec™ Configuration Software
A PC based configuration tool that allows you to quickly configure your T7350s. Requires a USB Thermostat Interface Module (USB-TIM/U) for connecting the T7350s to your PC. Download the following files to obtain the latest software and TStatSpec User Manual:

TStatSpec1.0.1.zip (24MB file, please allow a few minutes to download)

Instructions on how to open TStatSpec in Windows 8 (folder with zipped .PPT document)

Get the TStatSpec User Manual (pdf)

USB-TIM Windows 8 Compatibility Instructions (pdf)

USB-TIM Driver Installation (folder with zipped .exe file)

PDA Configuration Software
Using a PDA you can quickly and easily program your T7350s. Requires an InfraRed Thermostat Interface Module (50014064-001) for communicating to the T7350s. Download this .zip file to obtain the latest PDA configuration software and User Manual:
T7350 PDA Configuration Software – Release Version 1.4.0.zip - Updated September 30th, 2010

Config ID Spreadsheets
The Config ID spreadsheets can be used to determine a configuration code that can be inputted into the thermostat manually.  Download this .zip file to obtain the configuration ID spreadsheets for different T7350 models:
T7350 Configuration ID Spreadsheets.zip - Updated September 30th, 2010

Plugins & XIF Files
T7350 pre-configured application plugins - NOTE: Plugin will only function with CARE 5.1 or later

T7350CS.XIF.zip - XIF