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Commercial Automation Contractors (CAC) Program

Program Overview
The Commercial Automation Contractor (CAC) program was created to help increase opportunities for your business. As a member of the CAC program, you have access to product information, special offers and superior training opportunities not available to the average contractor. Customers have choices, so finding ways to set your business apart improves your opportunities to be selected. The CAC program differentiates your business not only through the designation, but also through the support and resources available to you as a CAC member.
Contractor PRO
The Contractor PRO program is a business –building tool on its own. A rewards program that lets Honeywell contractors earn points on every product purchase. Contractor PRO gives you an array of point redemption possibilities. Points earned for product purchases can be redeemed for free Honeywell products, marketing materials, gifts, luxury items and more. In many cases, points can also be redeemed for training opportunities. For details on the Contractor PRO program and to view your points, please visit

As a member of the CAC program, you have access to exclusive coupons for product and job discounts that are not available to other contractors. CAC members also have the opportunity to earn bonus Contractor PRO points based on their annual commercial revenue, up to 12,500 points (a $250 value), for hitting certain sales targets. The bonus points are in addition to the points already earned on qualified Honeywell purchases. Contractor PRO points can be used to redeem FREE Honeywell product from your authorized Honeywell distributor as well as co-op, luxury items and more.
 Commercial                      Contractor PRO
     Revenue                         Bonus Points                      Value
      $10K                                    5,000                       Up to $100
      $20K                                    7,500                       Up to $150
      $50K                                  12,500                       Up to $250
CAC members have access is to valuable coupons and offers that are included with your CAC membership. To redeem your coupons, simply send your purchase order to your Honeywell distributor with a copy of the coupon form found below. Each coupon can be used one time and they expire at the end of the program year.
• 15% off 1 JADE Enthalpy Kit
• 15% off 1 JADE Dry Bulb Kit
• 10% off 1 WebStat
• 10% off 1 WebVision
• 10% Contractor PRO rebate for first WebVision job over $10,000
• 10% off a Variable Frequency Drive
• Buy 4 Prestige® 2.0 kits and get 1 RedLINK™ Internet Gateway for free
• Buy 4 Prestige 2.0 kits and 1 TrueZONE® Panel and get 1 Wireless Adaptor for free
How to Join the CAC Program
Contractors can join the CAC program with a simple sign-up fee of $300 through your Authorized Honeywell distributor.
How to Renew your CAC Membership
CAC memberships can be renewed annually with a renewal fee of $200 through your Authorized Honeywell distributor. A renewal is necessary in order to maintain your CAC contractor status and to continue to receiving CAC exclusive offers.