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McDonald's Web Portal

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Honeywell & McDonald's:  A Proven Partnership
You probably know that Honeywell has been around for more than a century—and that we’re one of the world’s foremost experts in building control technology. What you might not know is that we have a proven record of lowering McDonald’s energy costs by 8-10 percent or more.

For more information, access the .pdf brochure (Form# 50-9461) HERE or the PowerPoint file "McDonald's Proven Partnership.ppt" HERE

Honeywell Energy Management System
Achieve significant Energy Savings with a reliable Honeywell Energy Management System.
For more information, access the .pdf brochure (Form# 50-9462) HERE

Are your electric bills out of control? Click here to access the Honeywell EMS Savings Estimator and discover how quickly the Honeywell system can pay back on your investment

McDonald's HEMS II Documentation:
        End-User Operations Manual
        Wayport Interface Manual
        Installers Guide

Honeywell's New T7350 Programmable Thermostat
Provide customer comfort and control energy costs. For more information, access the .pdf brochure (Form# C61-0117-000-000) HERE
T7350 Keypad Configuration Quick Guide
T7350 Owner's Manual

Honeywell Carbon Dioxide Alarm System
Ensure the safety of your restaurant's crew members and customers. For more information, access the .pdf brochure (Form # 50-9428) HERE

Training for HEMS II
Download the HEMS II McDonald's Training Guide