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Delphi Combustion Efficiency Panel is a packaged, pre-wired panel with integrated color touchscreen display, flame safeguard control, linkageless fuel/air ratio control, oxygen trim and VFD capability. Some models have O2 and Hall-effect sensors.


  • Works with a variety of burners and boilers.
  • Components housed in one panel.
  • Integrated flame safeguard control and linkageless fuel/air ratio control with oxygen trim.
  • Dual Fuels allowed with independent profiles.
  • Oxygen trim compensates for variable combustion air.
  • YP900A1004 includes high accuracy O2 sensor with quick response and open air calibration (MF020-1-LC3).
  • VFD control capability (Honeywell NXL or NXS Series).
  • Large color touchsreen interface.
  • Available actuators from 100 to 400 lb-in.(ML7999B or Herculine 2001)
  • Embedded software for commissioning, control and monitoring.
  • VPS (Valve Proving System) capability via flame safegurard control.
  • Dedicated actuator and VFD channels with feedback.
  • Up to 4 independently controlled actuators.
  • Firing rate/load control via temperature, pressure or manual operation.
  • 24 Vdc industrial panel PC control.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (in.)
30in. high 24in. wide 10.5in. deep
Dimensions (mm)
762mm high 609.6mm wide 266.7mm deep
Weight (lb)
80 lb
Weight (kg)
36.3 kg
50 Hz; 60 Hz
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Panel-UL508 Industrial Control Panel
Operating Humidity Range (% RH)
90% RH maximum, non-condensing
120 Vac
0.0 to 0.5g continuous
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