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Excel 500 & 600 Controllers manage building functions with up to 18 plug-in modules and use a standard computer module. They allow expansion and C-Bus networking to exchange data. The Excel XI581/2 & Excel X1584 Operator Terminals are optional.


  • Bus-Wide MMI provides local viewing/modification of point information of all controllers attached to the Communication Bus.
  • Modular design to allow expansion.
  • Optional Distributed I/O for flexibility and easy installation.
  • Stand-alone or networked operation for flexible use.
  • Plug-in modules to use what you need.
  • CARE-generated application programs for programming ease.
  • Optional user interface for easy on-site changes.
  • Battery-backed RAM eliminates reprogramming after power outage.
  • Point trending for timely information.

Product Specifications

Used With
Excel 500/600 Controller
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