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The Corona series provides mixing of boiler supply and return, loop supply and loop return water. The V5442 valve mixes both loop supply water & boiler return water simultaneously & may be plumbed in either a direct mixing or injection configuration.


  • Valves can be automated with M6063 actuator.
  • 4-way mixing action for closed hydronic heating systems.
  • Mixes loop supply with boiler supply and loop return.
  • Mixes boiler return with boiler supply and loop return.
  • Optimized mixing characteristics for most accurate control.
  • Cast iron body; chrome plated plug.
  • NPT threads.
  • Suitable for manual or automatic control.
  • Universal body orients either to the left or right to match piping.
  • Functional replacement for Centra ZRK-series of compact 4-way mixing valves.

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