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Product Specifications

Single-seated control or shut-off valve for water and steam in heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, and open circuits
Used With
ML6420; ML6425; ML7420; ML7425; MP953
Maximum temperature differential in alternating hot/cold water use: 60 K
Item Type
Connection Type
Internal threads ISO228
Body Pattern
Pipe Size (inch)
1/2 in.
Pipe Size (DN)
Fluid Temperature (C)
Water - 2 to 120 C max. 1600 kPa, 120 to 170 C max. 1490 kPa; Steam - greater than 120 C max. 150 kPa
Fluid Temperature (F)
Water - 36 to 248 F max. 232 psi, 248 to 338 F max. 216 psi; Steam - less than 248 F max. 21.8 psi
Maximum Differential Pressure Ratings (Close-off) (kPa)
Close off pressure with 600 N motor: 1600 kPa
Capacity (Kv)
2.5 kVs
Valve Action
Stem down to close
Controlled Fluid
Hot or Chilled water; Steam
Materials (Body)
Materials (Seat)
Stainless Steel
Materials (Stem)
Stainless Steel
Flow Characteristic
Equal percentage
Stem Travel (in.)
3/4 in.
Stem Travel (mm)
20 mm
Materials (Plug/Ball/Disc)
Materials (Packing)
Spring-loaded carbon fiber reinforced PTFE V-rings
≤0.05% of kvs
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