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The system is designed for installation into commercial air handling units for the purpose of surface disinfection using ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. For maximum installation flexibility and cost-effectiveness, the UV lamps are mounted onto a framework of standard ½ inch EMT tubing (not included). The remotely mounted weather resistant power supply can withstand the wet environment found inside of air handlers or the exposed conditions of outdoor packaged air conditioning systems. The number and placement of lamps is determined by the coil dimensions.


  • UV-C light irradiates coil & air handler interior, killing mold, bacteria and viruses
  • Scalable design allows wide variety of multi-lamp configurations
  • High quality water-resistant lamps
  • Mounts using off-the-shelf ½ inch EMT conduit tubing
  • Includes 10 foot cable & all mounting hardware except ½ inch EMT conduit
  • Saves energy by keeping components cleaner

Product Specifications

AHU Coil Irradiation
Used With
Replacement Lamp-- UVL-32-LAMP
Item Type
Electrical Ratings
120 to 277 Vac
Operating Temperature Range (F)
Bulb-- 35 to 185 F
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Bulb-- 1.7 to 85 C
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