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TR21-WS and TR23-WS sensors are a family of wireless wall modules. All models report space temperature; TR23 models come with setpoint adjustment and override.


  • Wall module to Receiver (point to point) wireless kits can replace any standard wired sensor
  • Wireless Kits (wall module and receiver) are pre bound at the factory for quick installation
  • Signal Strength LED built into the wall module
  • Low battery indication
  • Optional dip switches available to bind any wall module to any receiver
  • Approximate 5 year battery life with AA Alkaline (included), 7.5 year with Lithium
  • Locking screw discourages tampering and battery theft

Product Specifications

Wall Module
Dimensions (in.)
4 11/16 in. high x 3 in. wide x 1 5/8 in. deep
Dimensions (mm)
119 mm high x 77 mm wide x 29 mm deep
Selectable Setpoint dials in Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Relative (- to +), and Override Button
Used With
Spyder, Excel 10 W7750, W7751, W7752, W7753, T7350, T7351, TB8575, WEBs-AX™ I/O Module
not compatible with TB7220, TB8220 ,TB line voltage thermostats, XL15s, W7762, W7763
Item Type
Wall mount
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
UL94 plastic enclosure
Operating Humidity Range (% RH)
5 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Setpoint Temperature Range (C)
13 C to 30 C
Setpoint Temperature Range (F)
55 F to 85 F
Operating Temperature Range (F)
45 F to 99 F
Operating Temperature Range (C)
7 C to 37 C
Shipping and Storage Temperature Range (F)
-40 F to +150 F
Shipping and Storage Temperature Range (C)
-40° to + 65.5°C
Approvals, Federal Communications Commission
FCC Part 15
Network Communications
Accuracy (F)
± 1 F across 53.6 F to 86 F
Accuracy (C)
(± 0.5 C) across 12 C to 30 C
Radio Frequency
2.4 GHz (IEEE Std 802.15.4-2003 compliant)
Wireless Range
Open Range--3000 feet; Typical Range--100 feet
Output power
Battery Life
7.5 years with two AA Lithium Batteries or 5 years with two AA Alkaline batteries (included)
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