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Proportional (135 ohm) remote bulb controllers for modulating control of water or air temperature in ducts, tanks and similar applications.


  • Fast response models (for duct mounting) have coiled sensing element giving at least four times faster response than standard models.
  • Ambient temperature compensated for the case and tubing.
  • Sensing element capillary tubing allows remote mounting of sensing element.
  • Setpoint may be read and adjusted through cover.
  • Throttling dial inside case adjusts proportional throttling range.

Product Specifications

Hazmat Information
UN 1993, FLAMMABLE LIQUID, N.O.S. (contains Isopropanol), 3, III
Provide modulating control of water or air temperature in ducts or tanks
Dimensions (in.)
5 5/8 in. high x 2 in. wide x 2 1/4 in. deep
Dimensions (mm)
143 mm high x 51 mm wide x 57 mm deep
Item Type
50 Hz; 60 Hz
24 Vac to 30 Vac
Setpoint Temperature Range (C)
-18 C to +38 C
Setpoint Temperature Range (F)
0 F to 100 F
Operating Temperature Range (F)
125 F Maximum
Operating Temperature Range (C)
52 C Maximum
Analog Output
One 135 Ohm Potentiometer
Sensor Inputs
Sensor Element
Copper bulb
Capillary Length (ft)
20 ft
Capillary Length (m)
6.1 m
Bulb Size (in.)
1/2 in. diameter x 4 3/16 in. long
Bulb Size (mm)
13 mm diameter x 107 mm long
Throttling Range (F)
3 F to 30 F
Throttling Range (C)
1.7 C to 16.7 C
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