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Used to control an oil burning, portable crop dryer.


  • Suitable for line-voltage, low-voltage or millivolt (PowerPile®) switching.
  • Mounts directly on dryer with sensing bulb in discharge air duct.
  • Knob extends through case for manual control point adjustment.
  • Differential setting wheel, located under cover, adjusts difference between cut-in and cut-out temperatures.

Product Specifications

Hazmat Information
UN 1294, TOLUENE, 3, II
Crop-trol, provides control of portable crop drying equipment.
Dimensions (in.)
5 5/8 in. high x 2 in. wide x 2 5/8 in. deep
Dimensions (mm)
143 mm high x 51 mm wide x 67 mm deep
Item Type
50 Hz; 60 Hz
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
UL Listed: E4436, Vol. 6, Sec. 3, Guide XAPX
Contact Ratings
120 Vac-- 8.0 AFL, 48.0 ALR; 240 Vac-- 5.1 AFL, 30.6 ALR; 277 Vac--4.2 AFL, 25.2 ALR
120 Vac or 240/277 Vac
Setpoint Temperature Range (F)
80 F to 220 F
Operating Temperature Range (F)
245 F Maximum
Operating Temperature Range (C)
118 C Maximum
Relay Outputs
Sensor Inputs
Sensor Element
Averaging capillary
Capillary Length (ft)
10 ft 3 in
Capillary Length (m)
3.1 m
Bulb Size (in.)
5 ft. 3 in.
Bulb Size (mm)
1.3 m
Differential Temperature (F)
5 F to 30 F
Differential Temperature (C)
2.8 C to 17 C
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