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Q179C,D Gas Pilot Burner Assemblies use the flame rectification principle to prove the flame. Q179C,D are used in conjunction with a suitable electronic flame safeguard control on industrial or commercial gas and gas pilot ignited oil burners.


  • Q179C is a gas pilot assembly (with a flame electrode rod) and ignition electrode, making it suitable for applications requiring an interrupted or intermittent electrically ignited gas pilot burner.
  • Q179D has only the flame electrode and is suitable for use in continuous pilot applications.
  • Primary aerated type burner is equipped with stainless steel fins that provide the proper flame rod area to ground area ratio for maximum flame signal and flame stabilization.
  • Stainless steel electrode(s) are mounted in ceramic insulators, which permit electrode adjustment.
  • Rajah connectors facilitate disconnecting.

Product Specifications

For Continuous (Standing) pilot
Dimensions (in.)
3 1/8 in. high x 2 7/16 in. wide x 1 in. deep
Dimensions (mm)
79 mm high x 62 mm wide x 25 mm deep
Flame electrode and thermocouple adapter
Used With
Q340 Thermocouple or Q313A Thermopile Generator.
Dual Wing- Rear
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Component Recognized: File No. MH9928, Guide No. MCUR2
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association
Certified: Master Report LR95329-1
Type of Gas
Compression Fitting Size
1/4 in. compression coupling,6.4 mm compression coupling
0.026 in. dia. (0.66 mm dia.)
Wiring Terminal Type
Tip Style
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