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The MCBA14C Commercial Boiler Control System provides heat control, flame supervision, circulation pump control, fan control and boiler control. It has electric ignition. It will also provide boiler status and error reporting.


  • NTC resistors for measuring and guarding temperatures.
  • PWM-driven revolution controlled dc-fan for optimal modulation control.
  • 24 Vac gas valve.
  • 24 Vac is fused (Fuse F3) with a 4AT fuse.
  • PWM-driven circulation pump for optimal energy consumption.
  • DHW-pump.
  • Various function-inputs.
  • Connections for external comfort control.
  • Connections for extra inputs/outputs.
  • Easy modification of the parameters on three levels:
  • End user.
  • Installer/service mechanic.
  • Manufacturer (OEM).

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