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The Honeywell SmartVFD HVAC and BYPASS are designed for commercial buildings to deliver the energy savings that building owners and managers need. Efficient install, and commissioning, in a full featured VFD.


  • Start-up Wizards—All you have to do is tell the VFD whether you have a pump or a fan, enter nominal motor information, and you are up and running.
  • Graphic Interface—The easy-to-use keypad and interface deliver menu-driven programming and monitoring for fast, uniform commissioning. It's also easy for the building owner or manager to learn and use, helping to reduce service calls. Plus, a manual is built into the keypad for easy access when needed.
  • Built-in Communications—With BACnet®, N2 and Modbus built in, your customers will enjoy a lower total installed cost and reliable communications with the building management system.
  • PC Software Wizards—Commissioning, programming and troubleshooting are all a snap thanks to these guided Startup and PID wizards.
  • Built-in PLC—Another reason why SmartVFD HVAC is a great value for your customer, the built-in PLC eliminates the need for an expensive external controller.
  • DC Choke for harmonic protection.
  • Standard RIF Filter—Ensures that EMC/RFI requirements are met.
  • Bypass Options—Meets specifications and system critical applications with a comprehensive bypass offering.
  • Real-Time Clock—Battery included.
  • Fire Mode for safe operation.
  • Motor Switch Ride-Through--easy, fault-free maintenance.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (in.)
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Dimensions (mm)
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Weight (lb)
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Weight (kg)
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Item Type
0 Hz to 320 Hz
460 Vac
Operating Temperature Range (F)
14 F to 122 F
Operating Temperature Range (C)
-10 C to 50 C
Relay Outputs
Max. switching load: 250Vac/2A or 250Vdc/0,4A
4 HP
Current Ratings
Analog Current Output
0 (4) - 20 mA, max 500 ohm
Drive alone
Auto Bypass
Drive Family
Drive Input Disconnect
Type of RFI Filter
EMC Filter
Continuous Output Current
overload 1.5 x High overload current (1min/10min); overload 1.1 x Low overload current (1min/10min)
Peak Current
2 x IN, 2 seconds every 20 second period
Acceleration time
0.1 - 3000 sec
Deceleration time
.1 - 3000 sec
Analog Voltage Input
0 - 10 Vdc , 200K ohm
Analog Current Input
0 (4) - 20 mA, 250 ohm differential
Digital Output
Open collector, max. load 48V/50mA
Reference Output Voltage
Maximum Load 10mA
Auxiliary Voltage
± 20%, max. load 50 mA
Frame Type
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