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The T6169 thermostats control line voltage valves and/or blower motors on fan coil units in manual or automatic changeover, cooling, heating or cooling/heating systems. The thermostats feature a single fan and/or system manual switches.

Fan Coil Thermostat, 2 pipe Heat/Cool


120/277V. Range: 7-28C. with Thermometer. White Color.

Fan Coil Thermostat, 2 pipe Heat/Cool


Fan Coil Degree F T-Stat, 2 Pipe Heat/ Cool, 3 Speed Fan, Range 44-86F. Less Thermometer. Tan Color

Thermost, Med.Dty Line Voltage,Heat/Cool


Fan Coil Thermost, Med.Dty Line Voltage,Heat/Cool, with Thermometer, No Fan, 44 F to 86 F

Thermost, Med.Dty Line Voltage,Heat/Cool


Fan Coil Medium Duty Line Voltage T-Stat for Heating and Cooling, with Thermometer 44 F to 86 F