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W7751F Controller & ML6161 Actuator


W7751F Controller & ML6161 Actuator

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W7751F2003 VAV II Controllers provide pressure independent or dependent air flow control and series and parallel fan control. Extra outputs control VAV box reheat coils. ML6161B2024 controls dampers in VAV terminal units and mounting on ball valves.


  • Uses Echelon LonWorks Protocol.
  • High Speed 78 kilobit communications network.
  • Easy user-access to the network communications jack.
  • Easy user-access to the airflow sensor inputs.
  • Provides Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) temperature control.
  • Designed for pressure independent Variable Air Volume (VAV) control.
  • Floating hot water and three-stage electric or modulating hot water heat.
  • Provides nonlinear floating algorithm for velocity control loops.
  • Factory configured via EEPROM with critical user parameters default values.
  • ML6161B2024 is a Direct Couple, Gereral Purpose, Non-Spring Return Actuator.
  • Rated at 35 lb-in. torque with a 90 degree stroke.

Product Specifications

VAV Controller with FFT base with enclosure and outward facing terminal strips
One W7751F 2003 and one ML6161B 2024
Building Management Interface
Network Communications
LonWorks Bus
Commissioning Software
CARE; LonSpec; RapidZone; LNS Plug-in
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