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ZigBee Wireless Commun. Card, WEBs-AX


WEBs-AX ZigBee wireless communication card for thermostat networks

This product is no longer available for purchase.

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Product Specifications

WEBs-AX ZigBee Wireless Network with TB7200, TB7300, TB7600 Series Thermostats
Dimensions (in.)
2 1/5 in high x 1 3/4 wide
Dimensions (mm)
55 mm high x 45 mm wide
Used With
Compatible with WEBs-AX WEB-2xx, WEB-6xx, and WEB-7xx controllers and TB7200, TB7300, and TB7600 Series Communicating Thermostats
Item Type
Controller option slot
Operating Humidity Range (% RH)
0 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Approvals, Federal Communications Commission
FCC Part 15, Subpart C
Network Communications
ZigBee Wireless

Marketing Collateral

Sales/Promotional Materials-Quick Selection Guide for TB7600, TB7200, TB7300, TB-VWG-APP-1014 Communicating Thermostats (English)

Owners Manual

Operator/Owner Materials-User Guide for TBST-5014W, TB7200, TB7600, TB-VWG-APP-1014 ZigBee Wireless Survey Toolkit for TB7200/TB7600 Series Thermostat

Wiring-Non-clear line of sight distance between 2 thermostat nodes is a maximum of 50 M

Wiring-Proposed floor plan with three hop radiuses

Wiring-Fully deployed wireless network will outperform the point-to-point wireless surv

Wiring-Minimum 3 feet (1 M) between Wi-Fi equipment and Honeywell wireless devices

Wiring-Mounting the wireless communication card on a WEBs-AX controller

Technical Documents

Installation Materials-Installation Instructions for TB-VWG-APP-1014 Wireless Communication Card for TB7200, TB7600 Series Communicating Thermostats

Product Data and Specifications-Specification Data for TB7300, TB-VWG-APP-1014 Communicating Fan Coil Thermostats (English)

Maintenance/Product Reference Materials-Reference Manual for Wireless Installation and Integration for TB7200, TB7600 Series Thermostats (English)

Installation Materials-Installation Instructions for TB-VWG-APP-1014 TB7300 Series Communicating Fan Coil Thermostats 24 Vac for Commercial and Lodgi

Installation Materials-Installation Instructions for TB7200, TB7300, TB7600, TB-PIR, TB-PIR-FCU-C, TB-PIR-FCU-L, TB-PIR-RTU, TB-PIR-ZN, TB-VWG-APP-101

Application Guides-PIR Application Guide for TB7200 and TB7300 Series Thermostats (English)

Maintenance/Product Reference Materials-Application Guide for TB7200, TB7300, TB7600 Series Communicating Thermostats (English)