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Damper Actuator For UL555, Europe


Two-Position SPST Actuator 175 lb-in Spring Return 230 Vac ±-10% with 2 switches, Europe

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Honeywell's Fast-acting, two-position actuator with 175 lb-in., 20 Nm spring return and 230 Vac actuator accepts two-position control with an integral junction box and accepts an on/off signal from a single-pole, single-throw controller. Reliability operates in smoke control systems requiring UL555S ratings up to 350F.


  • 175 lb-in. (20 Nm) minimum driving torque at 350F (176C)
  • Integral stainless steel spring return ensures return torque level
  • Reversible mounting allows clockwise (cw) or counterclockwise (ccw) spring rotation
  • Fifteen-second spring return timing
  • No special cycing required and no audible noise during long-term holding
  • Models available with integral high temperature (350 F) SPST position-indicating switches (<7 degrees, >85 degrees)
  • Ninety-five degree angle of rotation for tight damper closure
  • Actuator holds rated torque at reduced power level and die-case aluminum housing design allows flush mounting to damper

Product Specifications

Fire and Smoke
Weight (lb)
7 lb
Weight (kg)
3.2 kg
Standard with European Ratings
Item Type
Flush Mount
50 Hz; 60 Hz
Electrical Connections
Teflon-jacketed cable
Operating Humidity Range (% RH)
5 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Supply Voltage
230 Vac ±10%
Power Consumption
Driving-- 0.20A, 35W, Holding-- 0.14A, 10W
Shipping and Storage Temperature Range (F)
-40 F to +158 F
Shipping and Storage Temperature Range (C)
-40 C to +70 C
Approvals, CE
89/336/ECC, 73/23/EEC
Ambient Temperature Range (F)
-40 F to +130 F
Ambient Temperature Range (C)
-40 C to +55 C
Switch Ratings
250 Vac, 5 A res (3 A ind)
Approvals, C-Tick
Internal Auxiliary Switch
Maximum Noise Rating
Driving (dB(A) @ 1m)-- 70; Holding (dB(A) @ 1m)-- 20 (no audible noise)
Shaft Dimensions (in.)
1/2 to 1 in. round or 1/2 to 3/4 in. square
Actuator Type
Control Signal
Two position; SPST
Fail Safe Mode
Spring Return
Torque Rating (Nm)
20 Nm
Spring Return Torque/Force (lb-in., lbf)
175 lb-in.
Spring Return Torque/Force (Nm, N)
20 Nm
Additional Torque Ratings (lb-in.)
Maximum Stall-- 425 lb-in.
Additional Torque Ratings (Nm)
Maximum Stall-- 48 Nm
Spring Return Timing
Maximum-- 25 sec
Shaft Adapter Type
Self-centering clamping
Spring Return Direction
By orientation
Electrical Connections (in.)
40 in.
Electrical Connections (mm)
1 m