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Hydronic Boiler Controller


Hydronic Boiler Controller

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The R7910A SOLA HC is a hydronic boiler control system that provides heat control, flame supervision, circulation pump control, fan control, boiler control, and electric ignition function. It will also provide boiler status and error reporting.


  • Frost Protection, Slow Start, Anti-condensate, Boiler Delta-T, Stack Limit, Boiler Limit, DHW Limit, Outlet T-Rise Limit
  • Primary Flame Safeguard Control
  • Internal or external spark generator.
  • Analog NTC Sensor Inputs (10kohm or 12kohm).
  • Other Analog Inputs
  • PID Load Control
  • Digital Inputs
  • Digital Outputs
  • Analog Outputs
  • Algorithm Prioritization
  • Two Temperature Loops of Control (CH and DHW)
  • High Limit Control-CH, DHW, & Stack (Meets UL 353) using dual 10kohm NTC sensors.
  • Fifteen Item Fault Code History including equipment status at time of lockout
  • Fifteen Item Alert Code Status including equipment status at time of internal alerts
  • 24Vac Device Power
  • 24 or 120Vac Digital I/O models available.
  • Flame Signal test jacks (Vdc)
  • Three Status LEDs.
  • UV or Flame rod Flame Sensing.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (in.)
9 21/64 in. x 6 21/64 in. x 2 19/32 in.
Dimensions (mm)
237 mm x 161mm x 66 mm
Includes Programmable features
50-60 Hz ± 5%
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
UL, cUL: Component Recognized: File Number MP268
24 Vac Operating; 120 Vac Load
Approvals, Federal Communications Commission
Part 15, Class B Emissions
Approvals, Control Safety Devices
Enclosure Rating
NEMA 1/IP 40
Modulation Output
Yes (PWM); Yes (4-20 mA); Yes (0-10 Vdc)
Firing Rate Switch
High Fire Switch; Low Fire Switch
Flame Sensor Type