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Transducer, Accepts Pulse-width Mod Sig


Transducer accepts pulse-width modulation signal and provides voltage output

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The Q7002 Interface Modules allow controllers with an otherwise incompatible signal to control an Economizer Logic Module or Direct Coupled Actuator.


  • 24 Vac or 24 Vdc power.
  • Available for input signals: dc voltage, current, or resistive; and pulse-width modulation (PWM).
  • Available to provide output: analog voltage or current for an actuator.
  • Inputs and outputs are jumper-selectable and include adjustable zero and span.
  • Output is jumper-selectable direct or reverse acting.
  • Includes reference voltage and current to power an input device or sensor.
  • PWM time base is user-selectable with positive or negative input reference; all ranges have 255-step resolution.
  • Multiplex mode enables one PWM signal from a Building Automation System (BAS) controller to address and control up to eight interface modules.

Product Specifications

Used With
Direct-Coupled Proportional Actuators and Modutrol Motors
Input: PWM signal, Output: analog voltage
Item Type
Enclosure (NEMA 1) with mounting tabs
60 Hz
Supply Voltage
24 Vac ±20%; 24 Vdc
Output Burden
0 to 20 mA < 500 ohm; 0 to 10 Vdc > 500 Ohm