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Pneumatic Valve Operator


Pneumatic Actuator, Valve Operator

Not available in the US or Canada

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MP953 Pneumatic Valve Actuators are suitable for use in conjunction with Honeywell valves V5011, V5013, V5015, V5016, V5025, V5049, V5050, V5328, and V5329 to provide proportional control of steam or hot and cold water in HVAC systems.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (in.)
5-7/16 in. diameter x7-9/16 in. maximum high
Dimensions (mm)
130 mm diameter x 192 mm maximum high
Maximum Safe Operating Pressure (psi)
20.3 psi
Maximum Safe Operating Pressure (kPa)
140 kPa
Temperature Range (F)
Maximum 158 F
Temperature Range (C)
Maximum 70 C
Used With
V5011, V5013, V5015, V5049, V5050, V5016, V5025, V5328, V5329
Rolling Diaphgram
Actuator Type
Valve Actuator with poisitioner
Fail Safe Mode
Stem action extends
Stroke (in.)
7/8 in.
Stroke (mm)
20 mm
Direct or Reverse acting
Air connections
Barb fitting for PE tube 6x1 or 1/4 in. outer diameter