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Damper Actuator, force: High, 3 - 7 psi


Damper Actuator, force: High, 3 - 7 psi

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Used for proportional control of medium- to large-size dampers in HVAC systems. The MP918A,B are rolling diaphragm, piston-type actuators. Positive Positioner available. Replacement devices for most competitors products


  • Rolling diaphragm operated.
  • Low friction shaft bearing.
  • Close tolerance on operating range and stroke.
  • Versatile mounting and connecting hardware.
  • Non-overlapping spring ranges for sequencing.
  • Reliable-long life.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (in.)
18 1/4 in. long x 6 7/8 in. high x 6 5/8 in. diameter
Dimensions (mm)
465 mm long x 175 mm high x 168 mm diameter
Maximum Safe Operating Pressure (psi)
29 psi
Maximum Safe Operating Pressure (kPa)
200 kPa
Temperature Range (F)
-40 F to +158 F
Temperature Range (C)
-40 C to +70 C
14004062-001 - External Trunnion Mounting Bracket with crankarm assembly
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Components Recognized: Report R18118
Operating Humidity Range (% RH)
5 to 95% RH
Actuator Type
Fail Safe Mode
Spring Return
Stroke (in.)
3 1/2 in.
Stroke (mm)
90 mm
Actuator Force
Spring Range (psi)
3 psi to 7 psi
Spring Range (kPa)
20 kPa to 48 kPa
Diaphragm Effective Area (sq in.)
23.8 sq in.
Diaphragm Effective Area (sq cm)
154 sq cm
Air connections
Barbed fitting for 1/4 in. O.D. plastic tubing



Actuator pushrod - conv. int.N.C. to ext


Crankarm Assembly -conv. int.N.C. to ext


Feedback spring kit for damper actuators w. 3 psi/5 psi/10 psi springs


Coupler, actuator shaft to 5/16 inch pushrod for damper actuators


Hitch pin kit, equipped with 6 sets, for damper actuators