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Foot Mounted Actuator


20 lb-in, Spring Return, Two Position Foot Mounted Actuator, 120V

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Spring return motors for two-position back draft, outdoor air changeover, zone, or minimum position damper control.


  • Operate outdoor air dampers for combustion or makeup air in residential and light commercial applications.
  • Operate changeover dampers for heating and cooling systems.
  • Operate minimum position dampers for ventilation and similar applications.
  • Include internal SPDT switch for controlling auxiliary equipment, additional motors, or to provide a burner interlock switch.
  • Spring returns motor to start position on power failure.
  • Drive shafts located on both sides of motor.
  • Adjustable auxiliary switch for cascading motors or operating auxiliary equipment.
  • Thermal breaker for overload protection during lifting stroke or if motor stalls.

Product Specifications

Dimensions (in.)
4 1/2 in. high x 4 5/8 in. wide x 3 3/4 in. deep
Dimensions (mm)
114 mm high x 118 mm wide x 95 mm deep
Used With
Series 40, 80 circuits
Weight (lb)
4 lb 10 oz
Weight (kg)
2.1 kg
Flame Safeguard Model
Item Type
Any position where the output shaft is horizontal
60 Hz
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Listed File: E4436, Guide: XAPX
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association
Certified: File No. LR95329-6
Electrical Connections
Screw terminals
Operating Humidity Range (% RH)
5 to 95% RH
Supply Voltage
120 Vac
Operating Temperature Range (F)
32 F to 125 F
Operating Temperature Range (C)
0 C to 52 C
Approvals, CE
Report: S5535
Run Time Maximum-- 55 sec
Internal Auxiliary Switch
Auxiliary Switch Ratings
AFL - 120 Vac-- 7.2A; ALR- 120 Vac-- 43.2A; AFL - 240 Vac-- 3.6A; ALR- 240 Vac-- 21.6A
Angle of Rotation-- 75 degrees maximum
Control Signal
Two position, SPST
Fail Safe Mode
Spring Return
Torque Rating (lb-in.)
20 lb-in.
Torque Rating (Nm)
2.3 Nm
Additional Torque Ratings (lb-in.)
Breakaway-- 30 lb-in.
Additional Torque Ratings (Nm)
Breakaway-- 3.3 Nm
External Auxiliary Switches Available
Timing, Nominal
Opening-- 30 sec, Closing-- 25 sec
Spring Return Timing
Maximum-- 25 sec
Nominal Current Draw (amps)
Opening-- 0.37 A, Holding-- 0.12 A
Nominal Power (watts)
Opening-- 27 W, Holding-- 8.5 W
Motor shafts
2, Hexagonal shape