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C-BUS Software Driver


C-BUS Software Driver

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Comprehensive connected gateway for Niagara N4 migration from C-BUS C-BUS Integration Module provides an upgrade path for installed base of Excel 5000 Controller I/O to CIPer Model 50 and WEB-8000 Controllers


  • Bridge EXCEL 5000 systems to Niagara N4 (CIPer Model 50 and WEB-8000)
  • LON Network Interface when used with IF-LON2 Module
  • Supports EXCEL 5000 integration to a WEB-8000 via LON and C-BUS
  • Eliminates “rip and replace” for updating legacy EXCEL 5000 based Systems
  • C-BUS communication utilizing electrically isolated RS485 serial interface
  • LAN (Ethernet) connection for seamless network communication
  • Easily-configurable network interface
  • Direct connections to physical C-BUS and virtual C-BUS over LON
  • Can support both C-BUS and LON connections simultaneously
  • When used with CIPer Model 50, no additional license driver is necessary
  • WEB-8000 will require a license driver: HONDRCBUS

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