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120/230 Vac Flame Sensor, Self Checking


120/230 Vac Ultraviolet Flame Sensor, Self Checking, with shutter

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Dynamic self-checking flame detector used with R7861 Dynamic Self-check Amplifiers for sensing the ultraviolet radiation generated by the combustion of gas, oil, or other fuels.


  • Oscillating shutter interrupts ultraviolet radiation reaching the UV sensor to provide the UV sensor tube checking function.
  • Can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at any angle in between.
  • The detector requires faceplate alignment and has integral locating reference points to assure proper operation of the shutter mechanism.
  • Field replaceable ultraviolet sensing tube and quartz viewing window.
  • Models with threaded conduit fitting and color-coded leadwires allow rapid electrical installation.
  • C7061A1038 or A1046 5 pin Brad Harrison type (formally 41307N) mating connector not supplied nor available through Honeywell.
  • Two detectors can be wired in parallel to reduce nuisance shutdowns in difficult flame sighting applications.
  • Protective heat block built into mounting flange.
  • -40 F (-40 C) rated ultraviolet sensing tube is supplied.
  • C7061E meets NEMA 4 standards with viewing window rated to 20 psi.
  • C7061F has an explosion-proof housing for use in hazardous atmospheres with a viewing window rated to 100 psi.

Product Specifications

Gas fired burners,Oil fired burners
Used With
Flame Amplifiers: R7861
Weight (lb)
13.9 lb
Weight (kg)
6.3 kg
Dynamic self-checking flame detector
1 in. NPT
Electrical Ratings
120 or 230 Vac
60 Hz,50 Hz
Electrical Connections
Terminal block
Approvals, Others
CE & conforms to EEXD IIc
Ambient Temperature Range (F)
-40 F to +175 F
Ambient Temperature Range (C)
-40 C to +79 C
NEMA Rating
Explosion Proof